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When you first jump into a chat room, it might be tempting to throw your hat into the ring immediately. Every chat room has its own rhythm and flow, so when you do enter, briefly introduce yourself with the basic information (handle, age, and sex will be enough at first), and then sit back and watch. If they accept, start out with thanking them for meeting you – if they decline, look for someone else. Before you shimmy into the dirty talk pool, keep a few rules of chat room etiquette in mind: Pay Attention! You can request it in the public chat room or send them a private IM requesting a conversation.Lynn Snowden, AOL’s “Live Girl,” has been doing it since March 1996.Snowden, 40, hosts a weekly chat on hot topics, ranging from bisexuality to infidelity.Everyone I've met on here loves this site too, and we all meet up on here.

Moderating conversations on the net has a lot in common with certain other activities: The more you do it, the better at it you get.

But don’t push for it, and keep in mind that even if someone does tell you about themselves, they could be lying.

Chat rooms are for fun and escape, so what you get might not be the truth.

Sexy chat rooms are supposed to be fun places of escape. Brush up on your online terms, such as TTYL (talk to you later) or ASL (age, sex, location? Knowing these terms will not only help you type faster, but will help you keep up with the flow of conversation. When you decide you want to talk to someone for something a bit more private, request that they come to the private room with you.

What people choose to do in private rooms is their own business, but don’t expect a natural connection to happen in a room full of people you don’t know at all. Before you jump into conversation, know the language.

You don't want to sound phony, so only drop an f-bomb if it feels right to you, and make sure your language matches your level of arousal, becoming more explicit the closer you get to orgasm.

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