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(See the ad below.)Jarrett Barrios, the president of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, called on CBS to explain why it would reject the Man ad while accepting an advocacy ad from Focus on the Family (which will feature Tim Tebow):"CBS has a problem when they do something like this at the same time as they allow an anti-gay group like Focus on the Family to place ads during the Super Bowl.

CBS rejected an ad to run during the Super Bowl for a gay dating site called Man, claiming the ad didn't comply with the company's Standards and Practices department.

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The Saints defeated the Colts by a score of 31–17, earning their first Super Bowl win.

The video in question is basically an ad for a dating site catering to gay men.

In the commercial, two football fans are watching a game when their hands touch in a bowl of chips. According to a rep from the site, the company submitted the ad on January 18, and when they checked in again on January 22, they were told that the ad had not yet been approved and that all the spots were sold out.

In an interview with Digital Journal, Avid Life Media founder Noel Biderman said the Man Crunch ad will likely appear on other media outlets.

Update: The Man Crunch ad has been officially nixed by CBS. The Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad isn't the only controversial commercial on the block. If you haven't already seen this 30-second spot, we're embedding it below.

The game was played at Hard Rock Stadium (the formerly-named-Joe Robbie Stadium) in Miami Gardens, Florida for the fifth time (and in South Florida for the tenth time), on February 7, 2010, the latest calendar date for a Super Bowl yet.

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