Stickam no nude chat

LA resident Christopher Stone, age 31, founded Sticky Drama in 2007 with a business partner.

(He spun off sitcky-n00dz in 2008.) It boasts 250,000 unique visitors and about 1 million pageviews per month, according to Stone's numbers.

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Our Bazoocam alternative is one of the easiest ways for you to enjoy meeting random people on the internet.There not many websites like Stickam and that is why the Stickam alternative at Omnichat is such an amazing replacement for the closed site that ruled the hearts of millions.After it got closed, there have been many sites like Stickam, but none of them could match the ease of use and the variety of features that was offered by original Stickam.Stickydrama is a crowd-sourced gossip blog that chronicles the lives of "E-celebs." Sticky-n00dz is similar, but focused on nude pictures.E-celebs are kind of like regular, "In Real Life" celebrities, except their fame exists solely on social-networking sites like Myspace, Twitter, and the live webcam community, from which Sticky Drama gets its name.But the majority of people covered by the site are between 11 to 20 years old—and mostly female.

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