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Among other claims, they say that by taking NO2 Blast you can expect: I see claims and advertising like this all the time when it comes to pre workout supplements. It’s important to first understand what is in the supplement before we can come to any conclusions, and here’s where things start to fall apart.

The ad, which features a headline screaming “The Rock Loves Early Morning Workouts”, leads you to an article that talks about these 2 supplements that ALL of the major Celebs are using.This supposed “article” in Men’s Life and Fitness brags about a miracle stack of supplements called No2 Blast and T-90.The meat and potatoes of the article goes into how various A-list celebs are using this stack to get insane results, shedding as much as 40 lbs of fat and gaining 20 lbs. It also chronicles the monthly transformation that one of their chief editors, a guy who gos by the name of Bryan Stevens, and his amazing results with these two supplements. Do I have to register to advertise on Orange County, Inland Empire and San Fernando Valley Cycle & RV Buys – Los Angeles. Our ads come from horny women, horny men and horny couples.

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