Free cyber chat youcam


Designed by the popular developer Cyber Link, You Cam represents all-in-one webcam effects software to make your You Tube and video chat experience really great fun.

Delivering a broad range of add-ons and features, this powerful suite will help you make the most of your laptop or tablet web camera.

Cyber Link You Cam comes with a number of features and functions, including the ability to perform, Picture Wraps and to add an assortment of Photography Effects.

Cyber Link You Cam ca also be setup to for a Visual Recognition Login, which means that the program logs in as soon as you appear in front of your webcam.

If you spend a lot of time on your webcam, whether to talk long distance with friends, partners and family members, or for business meetings and other professional arrangements, then Cyber Link You Cam can help you to make those conversations just that little bit more interesting.

You Cam from Cyber Link is a free camera app for Windows 8.One can use the Mirror option to use the app as a mirror. Right-click on You Cam and then click Options to change recording, snapshot, and camera settings. Open the download link provided at the end of this article in your Internet Explorer browser and then click View in Windows Store button to open the app in Store app.Cyber Link You Cam allows you to get much more from your webcam and covers everything from adding weird and wonderful special effects to your webcam chats, to jazzing up Power Point presentations or just taking and enhancing photos.Cyber Link You Cam can help you if you want to play around with your webcam and impress or amuse friends, but it can also help if you want to create professional changes and effects for business presentations.Cyber Link You Cam is very easy to use and comes with a feature-rich and easy to navigate interface that will have you altering your webcam feeds in no time.Along with many other Modern UI style apps, Windows 8 also ships with a Camera app to quickly take pictures and record videos.

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