Doctors backdating medical certificates

Employers are sometimes confronted with medical certificates that relate to past events — in support of personal leave claims by employees.

Are employers obliged to accept such backdated certificates?

Forcing me to do somehting that is bad for me seems unfair.

I would love to know how empty the medical clinics would be if this stupid requirement was abolished, like really, it would instantly solve any kind of shortage of doctors.

This was interpreted by Commissioner Cambridge to mean a ‘retrospective medical certificate’.

The MUA disagreed with this approach arguing that ‘backdated’ should be understood in its ordinary and plain meaning such that ‘backdated medical certificates’ are to mean those certificates that are signed and dated with a date that is earlier than when the examination took place.

If a medical certificate is accepted by the court, this will result in cases (including contested hearings and trials) being adjourned rather than the court issuing a warrant for the defendants arrest without bail.

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Why do I have to go into the DR's with a FLU and potentially infect everyone else in the waiting room just so I can get a day off? My workplace requires a certificate for "more than 3 work days" so guess what happens, people call in sick on a monday and tuesday, rock up on wednesday for a cpl of hours then go home sick then take thursday and friday off as sick leave too....though we have quite a lot of people here who have months and months of sick leave stored up. My last sick day I basically said "screw it, I know this is food poisoning I'm staying in bed and drinking lots of water" The time before that it was literally "Look doc, sorry for wasting your time with my runny nose, but I need that bit of paper, now let me sign that medicare slip and go oh, and I will drink lots of fluids, thanks." Most of us over the age of 10 know when we have something we'll get over.Alternatively the court may exercise its discretion to disregard a certificate, which it finds unsatisfactory: Medical practitioners should be aware that when issuing a certificate to a defendant in criminal proceedings they make themselves liable to being summonsed to court to give evidence about the content of the certificate, and may be asked to justify their statements.I have an issue relating to obtaining medical certs.However, a court is not absolutely bound by a medical certificate.The medical practitioner providing the certificate may be required by the court to give evidence.When you work out the number of days that you've been sick, you need to count all the days in a row you've been sick, including days you don't normally work such as weekends and bank holidays. Or if you are getting hospital treatment, ask for one from your hospital doctor.

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