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” These words from one of my closest one, disturbed and distressed by her marriage, pierces me reverberating and somehow making me reflect, If it doesn’t work…it simply doesn’t how much ever you toil for it!No, I am not a relationship guru neither have perfect relationships.But then if someone, somewhere can get sense out of it, I did be glad to share few simple revelations: Any relationship depends upon two people. If you are the one who is toiling harder and sweating it out more than your mate, possibility is it will never work out and you will always be running around the circle in this vicious cycle unless you want to chalk out your own line and break the circle and venture into the thinness of unknown. It helps when you are a tad bit madder then you should be.Most of the time it’s the fear of unknown or the pragmatism that instinctively sneaks in as what if it works ! Quite precisely, its futile unless there’s a balance to own, toil and persevere from both end sincerely. Matter of heart and love is a mystery in itself and nobody has a say on it from the time you fall in love up untill the time you are growing out of it.

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I think all the time about big concepts in my life. Get your pens ready, and prepare to take detailed notes because Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are schooling all other celebrity couples (or just couples in general) in the subjects of love and life.’cause, somehow, they both find ways to be kind of all over each other (yet don’t make us gag at all) use their celeb statuses to make the world a better place. I got the memories But memories fade, baby What am I gonna show to my kids, girl?When I’m older, and my mind is telling me to forget you What’s gonna make me remember? Being creatures of flesh and bone with a soul too, most of us have scars or issues unresolved from prior time and past liaisons.

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