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During the second half of last year, GDI exclusively revealed that fast-growing tech investment firm Agile Wings was acquiring leading white label platform Dating Factory, in a shock move that shakes up one of the industry’s biggest sectors.

Six months on, GDI sat down with Agile Wings’ CMO, Sam Van Campenhout, to learn more about the As Van Campenhout tells GDI, although Agile Wings has operated in the dating industry for a number of years, last year’s acquisition was a statement of intent from the tech firm, and came about after huge demand from its partners for a white label dating product.

With the help of her capable employees, including Li Si Ming (Gao Hao), the IT expert, and Bai Yu (Jiang Qi Ling), the pretty boy who is the face of the shop, Guo goes to work with each client to help her find lasting relationship happiness.

“Dating Factory” is a 2015 Chinese web drama series.

Detective Mike Fletcher, a rugged and obsessive police officer, and his partner Kelsey Walker, are on the trail of a serial killer who prowls the streets targeting young streetwalkers.

When Carl comes into the cellar to get Abbey for dinner, she's managed to change into a dress even though her hands are chained together and could not possibly put her hands through the two sleeves without them being unlocked by Carl who has the only key to the locks.

With current CEO Tanya Fathers exiting the dating industry to pursue new ventures, and former COO Lisa Moskotova now overseeing all of Agile Wings’ monetisation, the tech company plans to continue to build on their successes, pushing Dating Factory into exciting new markets – enabling it to challenge all its major competitors.

And despite being involved in a number of other industries like processing & data monetisation, Van Campenhout says that the Dating Factory acquisition isn’t simply a one time land grab, but instead a step towards its ultimate goal of becoming one of the biggest players in the dating landscape.

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