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An objection from the Windsor and Eton Society said: 'We have reviewed these planning applications and had a look at this pergola.

Ailes’ old-fashioned, male-dominated style has been characterized by many former employees as sexist, but another aspect of it has received little attention: the many ways that Fox News was run more like a political operation than a journalistic enterprise.obtained phone records and credit reports of reporters disliked by Ailes.

I reviewed the 11-year-old, archived content of this site this morning for the first time and find it vile and objectionable.

I do not believe that is the work product of anyone affiliated with my former company, NMS.

'If she doesn't have the money, she throws a tantrum and her mother pays for it.'And during the show's premiere, Sherrie was also vocal about her opinions of Courtney, calling her a 'spoilt brat'.'I met Courtney when she was 13 at school because I worked there,' Sherrie said to camera.'And she walked past the office where we were and she looked at us and said, "What the * are you looking at? By the time she gets to 23 they'll be out here,' Sherrie said.

Earlier this week, Courtney was slammed by fans on social media after she demanded a custom-made engagement ring from her fiancé Brad, 20.'Courtney you wanna be materialistic that's all about the money then you can wait for your engagement ring,' a viewer Tweeted, referring to the ,500 sparkler Courtney requested.

Courtney later claimed on Facebook that she paid for the ring herself.

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