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Naveen Andrews - Sayid Jarrah* Henry Ian Cusick - Desmond Hume* Emilie de Ravin - Claire Littleton* Michael Emerson - Benjamin Linus Matthew Fox - Jack Shephard Jorge Garcia - Hugo Reyes* Josh Holloway - James Ford Daniel Dae Kim - Jin-Soo Kwon* Yunjin Kim - Sun-Hwa Kwon* Evangeline Lilly - Kate Austen Elizabeth Mitchell - Juliet Burke Dominic Monaghan - Charlie Pace* Terry O'Quinn - John Locke* Kiele Sanchez - Nikki Fernandez* Rodrigo Santoro - Paulo**Did not appear in the episode."Stranger in a Strange Land" is the ninth episode of Season 3 and the fifty-eighth produced hour of the series as a whole. Jack bargains with Ben to save Juliet while Kate and Sawyer struggle with the consequences of their escape.After kidnapping and brutally assaulting two young women, a gang unknowingly finds refuge at a vacation home belonging to the parents of one of the victims: a mother and father who devise an increasingly gruesome series of revenge tactics.Desperate to repay his debt to his ex-wife, an ex-con plots a heist at his new employer's country home, unaware that a second criminal has also targeted the property, and rigged it with a series of deadly traps.This was one of the series's most poorly received episodes.The negative fan reaction even prompted ABC to let the producers set the show's end date. Though Locke's monologue earlier in the episode suggests he did feel guilt about their capture, a secret agenda existed behind his words: LOCKE: They are the Others.

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Clive and Joyce distrust the stranger and do not believe he should be allowed to still live while Boyd and Stephanie want to have mercy on the man and let him go.Omegle (oh·meg·ull) is a great way to meet new friends.When you use Omegle, we pick someone else at random and let you talk one-on-one.Roman allows Shel to make the final decision in the swing vote in whether Roberto lives or dies.If Shel decides to let Roberto go, (Determinant) Roman will send the man on his way unharmed.After Roman blindfolds Roberto's eyes and binds up his wrists, Shel, Becca, and Stephanie approach to see what is going on.

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