Asp net calendar not updating

All that you need is to drop the control dll into your bin directory, and include a single tag like to get the full rich text editor working on your page! You can use the Culture attribute to set it for use with other supported languages listed below.

Download: If you're wanting to download the latest stable bits, use the "Releases" tab, and if you want to get the latest source code bits, check out the "Source Code" tab.

Unfortunately, what it's actually doing is using the values of the controls before a change was made to them. Here's a sample: int object_number=5; string other_course_name_string = "Other Course Name_" object_number. When you do a postback before the postback handler is evaluated the Page Load event is raised so if you don't avoid to rebind your control they will be loaded with the values from the database.

When you are adding to your Events table you are getting the Events table object like this: Notice, there is no call to "To List()", which means you are adding a reference to the actual context object of "Events", not just a list in memory. To List() from your call to get the calendars, it will track the database context object just as it does in your call to get the Events object.

NET site that is being worked on will not be updated. ) After searching the Internet countless times, there doesn't appear to be a fix for this problem.

NET AJAX control that is associated with a Text Box control.

When the user clicks on the Text Box, a client-side Calendar control pops up.

The reason I'm not using a View Model for Add To Calendar is that there's no view specifically for it; rather, it's triggered by a button in a form on the Event Details page, which is defined as follows: Sorry, I missed how you were using "Events" below that. This should track the database context object instead of the list that is returned from To List() this loads a List of User Calendar objects into memory.

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