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At the conclusion of the exercise, there is little or no resistance being applied to the bicep.

Variable resistance requires differing degrees of force to be applied to the target muscle to create constant resistance, compelling the muscle to work harder to meet the demands of the exercise.

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Weight machines are the best type to allow you to monitor your progression — you can be very specific when determining the amount of weight and the increases in overload that you choose.Since most free weight exercises with dumbbells have you raise the weight up, this machine is useful because the resistance is in the opposite direction. Choose your desired weight, and then grasp the handles of the pulldown bar and sit on the seat of the machine. Face your palms forward, not up, and curl your thumbs around the bar. Sit and lean back slightly, and then exhale and pull the bar down, lowering it to the front of your chest with your elbows pressed to your sides.You pull away from the resistance instead of bringing it toward you. You may need to lean your torso slightly back, but keep the spine straight and abdominals contracted.It’s always nice to see my articles published (words made flesh so to speak!) and despite what will hopefully remain a glut of work with major magazines (I think we had articles in about five publications last month) I was very pleased with the latest one, on the principles of accommodating resistance in weight training, to appear in Men’s Health.In addition to the basic arm curl exercises, those involving pushing work the triceps and those involving pulling work the biceps.

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